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Ottawa Gardens Preschool is proud family owned business that has a strong sense of whanau. We pride ourselves on the tamariki gaining a strong sense of belonging where they know this is a safe place for them to come and learn about themselves, what they are interested in and taking safe risks to grow their motor skills, while getting them ready for school. We have a strong teaching team where all the teachers are qualified and either have their full registration or working towards this. The teaching team all have different strengths offering a vas varity of experiences to the tamariki. 

The indoor enviroment has recently been 

rebuilt due to the February earthquake and is now a purpose built preschool offering plenty of space for the tamariki to learn. The outdoor environment is often described as "Wow, Wasnt expecting that!" Ottawa Gardens Preschool has a very generous outdoor environment with plenty of structures for the tamariki to climb on, places for them to ride the bikes that are provided and a grass area where different types of sports can be played. At the back of the environment is a chicken coop where we currently have 8 chickens that provide eggs for us to use in our baking and cooking with the tamariki.

We accept all children from new born to 6 years old. Here at Ottawa Gardens Preschool we do not have a seperate area for the under 2s, rather we have all our children in the same room. this offers a greater sense of whanau in the centre, but also teachers the older childen humbleness by helping the younger children wash their hands or with an experience we are doing, however we still offer different experiences for the differant age groups

We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm and closed all public holidays. We also close for approx 2 weeks over the Christmas period, Dates vary from year to year so please talk to Sharon or Melissa to get these dates once they are available.


Fees: We offer 20 hours free ECE as provided by the government for all over 3 year olds. Outside of this for a half day (8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm) is $22.00 or for a full day (8am-4pm) is $42.00 


Ratio: The legal ratio for 20 children is 1:8, 1 teacher to 8 children. Here at Ottawa Gardens Preschool we value the care and education of your children so much that we ensure we are abouve this legal ratio. When we have 20 children we ensure there are always 4 teachers on the floor giving us a ratio of 1:5, 1 teacher to 5 children. 


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